Blockchain Use Cases

At EWALL, we believe that blockchain technology can be not only an innovative approach to shape the future of today’s fluctuating economy, but also reshape government civil services.

Business is not the only sector utilizing blockchain-based future technologies. A number of leading countries’ governments have established distributed ledger in their daily operations to tackle a number of challenges:

- To secure storage of government, citizen, and business data,
- To reduce the labor-intensive processes,
- To reduce the excessive costs associated with managing accountability,
- To reduce potential for corruption, including protecting auctions from black market controls and reducing other fraudulent activities,
- To increase trust in government and online civil systems.

Blockchain’s distributed ledger format has been leveraged for digital currency payments, land registrations, identity management, health care, taxation, voting, among the other future solutions by the world’s leading countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Georgia and China, among others.