What We Do

At EWALL, we have experience in leveraging the power of blockchain, with leading businesses including a number of startups and governmental entities. EWALL engineering team will help you accelerate your innovation and enable your company to develop private/public blockchain apps. We will guide you to enter blockchain-based marketplaces for the future economy empowered by cryptographically protected, fast, low-cost transactions.

Enterprise-level integration of blockchain applications within your organization:
EWALL offers to build a distributed ledger designed to your organization’s needs. Cryptographically set up technology enables you to exchange data or store your information securely on the distributed database of blockchain technology. EWALL API integration systems are tailored to our customer’s specifics to integrate their apps effortlessly with external and internal systems and leverage exposed third-party web services.

Blockchain supply chain development:
With us, companies operating in various industries can easily manage supply chain solutions by integrating distributed ledger technologies into their ecosystems.

Building blockchain wallets:
We build blockchain wallet apps for mobile devices, browser apps, and desktops. Our blockchain application services enable you to create secure wallets for cryptocurrencies or integrate an existing blockchain wallet into your product.

Creating smart contracts:
At EWALL, we offer smart contracts for decentralized web solutions of e-commerce, gaming industries, finance, real estate, supply chain, among others. Enhance your operational processes with EWALL smart contracts to implement fast and secure transactions without third-party intermediaries.

Building dApps:
We offer application design and development through the future technology of the blockchain: Decentralized apps (dApps) will help you reduce daily operational costs within your organization and enhance your customer’s data security to meet the industry needs.

Generation of custom cryptocurrency coins:
Create a utility cryptocurrency coin specially tailored for your business specifications.